22 Sep

Amy Prichard wins Goeddel Chancellor’s Award!

Amy is honored to have won the David V. Goeddel Chancellor’s Award, a UC San Diego School of Biological Sciences award that supports outstanding students in the department. She was recognized for her achievements in research, such as her thesis work on diverse Erwinia chimalliviruses such as RAY and Asesino, her recent publication on Erwinia phage RAY, and her extraordinary efforts in mentorship of undergraduate and early graduate students in the Pogliano lab. To learn more about Amy’s project, keep your eyes peeled for a press release coming soon from UCSD that focuses on her recent publication and its importance for the field of phage biology, its broader impact, and how it helped a class of undergraduates get their foot in the door of research.

RAY and Asesino, image courtesy of Amy Prichard